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Grift of the Holy Spirit is Catholicism's only website and an ongoing writing project by Tony Ginocchio. It's free and there aren't any posts only available to paid subscribers; you can just read whatever. The publication schedule and length of pieces are very inconsistent.

In September 2020, I published a collection of revised and expanded essays from the first year of this project (“Intro to Series One” through “Twenty-First Century Schism Man”) in a big long book. You can purchase it at Amazon and Smashwords; at Smashwords the book is free. Amazon won’t let me price the e-book below $0.99 (bastards), so it’s $0.99 there.

In January 2022, I published the essays from the second year of the project (“The President, The President, The President, and The Plague” through “Eschaton”). You can purchase it at Amazon and Smashwords; at Smashwords the book is free. Amazon won’t let me price the e-book below $0.99 (bastards), so it’s $0.99 there.


If you enjoy this, I have a few other projects you might enjoy.

First is my other, and ongoing, Substack newsletter, Newburied. This is a weekly essay series about the Newbery medal, which is like the Pulitzer Prize for children's literature. Each week I read another one of the 100 medalists and riff on the book and what it means to me as a parent, as a former young reader, and as a guy who likes reading books. New installments are every Tuesday morning; like this site, you can sign up with your email to get them sent directly to your inbox, or you can just read through the archives on the page itself. I have made an effort to use fewer swears in that project than in this one. All essays are free.

I also have two works of fiction, both of which are available in e-book/kindle form for free on Smashwords or for $5 or less on Amazon. We Have Fun Here is a novella from 2019, and Rosemont: A Novel Of Rosemont is a full-length novel from 2021. Both have swears in them and are intended for audiences that are okay with swears. I have written two other earlier novels as well but I don’t think they’re very good.

My longtime comedy partner, Nadia Vazquez, and I host a podcast, Prolly Shoulda Known Better, which started its sixth season in December 2022. We watch comedy movies that have aged very poorly and talk about why the things that used to make us laugh might feel different now. From a "parental advisory" standpoint, I will warn you that this is easily the bluest stuff I work on as most of this show is two comedians trying to crack each other up, so please do not listen to this with your kids in the car. It is available wherever you get podcasts.

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